The Safest Table Saw for your School Makerspace

November 9, 2018

You can put your mind to rest after buying this essential wood shop tool. With 1.75HP and a bed with room to spare, the SawStop 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw is easily the best makerspace table saw on the market for the price. So what makes it so good?


The feature that sets the SawStop distinctly apart from others in its class can be summed up in one word: safety. The SawStop has a lock on the market when it comes to the unique safety feature that drops its blade into the chassis whenever it touches skin. In short, what this means is that it is nigh impossible for a user to cut themselves on it.

With over 60,000 accidents with table saws every year, and the table saw being one of the most dangerous tools in any standard wood shop, this is a pretty huge development. Especially in school makerspaces where users may not be entirely familiar with table saw use this is a game changer. Just check out this video of the SawStop in use.


Safety isn’t the only thing the SawStop has, though. The SawStop has the ability to cut through wood as tough as hickory, and not only that, but to eat it up with ease. With over a decade of table saw use on the job testing everything from small job site machines to larger pieces of equipment, the SawStop comes away as a very strong competitor for a machine with some serious horsepower.

Don’t underestimate the safety component of power, either. A more powerful saw means a saw that you don’t have to put an unsafe amount of exertion on when trying to put materials through. It can also lead to a lower likelihood of kickback and other hazardous materials issues.

Bed Size and Quality

There are four different models of SawStop out there, but the one we’d recommend is the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw which comes with the extension table. With a larger bed size than the job site or contractor saw, the Pro Saw gives users the ability to cut large 8×4 sheets without a problem and has wide clearance use of its unique T-Glide Fence system.

The bed quality on the SawStop, made out of cast-iron, is also tremendous. Its finish allows materials to easily glide across the top, while the guides for the miter gauge also make for a frictionless experience. Unlike most job site saws, what this means is a lot less bowing in the materials as you feed them through the saw due to a small bed, and the ability to guide materials through the blade easily.



Because of its power, amenities, but most importantly, safety features, we recommend the SawStop 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw for your makerspace. Its ability to put your mind at rest while giving users the kind of features and ease-of-use that you should expect from a saw put it far above the competition out there, and in fact, its one of the only saws on the market to have this safety feature out there. The only thing even close on the market is the Bosch REAXX Flesh-Detecting Jobsite Table Saw, which doesn’t have the bed size or power of the SawStop.

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