6 Fun STEAM Gift Ideas for Kids and Families

December 21, 2018


MINI.MU Glove Kit 

A great gift for a music-lover, this is a really cool wearable instrument DIY kit. Mini.mu creator, Helen Leigh, was also a guest on our podcast! Comes with everything you need and covers craft, code, circuits.

Nintendo Switch WITH Nintendo Labo

The Nintendo Switch + Nintendo Labo cardboard kits bundle gives you the ability to construct cardboard toys that interact with the Switch controllers and screen. The Nintendo Lab is an awesome tool to teach the design of things and games to all ages. Our kids love it (2, 4, and 6), and the neighbor’s kids (11 and 13) also love playing with it. Hours and hours of fun.

Chibitronics- LED Circuit Stickers, STEM Starter Kit

This is an awesome kit by Chibitronics, a company founded by Jie Qi (a really awesome artist who works with circuits) and Bunnie Huang. Building circuits inside of a book using stickers! Super super cool.

littleBits Space Rover Inventor Kit

The Space Rover Inventor Kit is a really cool robotics kit that allows you to build using littleBits and cardboard! For those who haven’t played with littleBits kits, they’re sets of easily configurable electronics components that — and here’s the cool part — also have instructions on how to interface with them (using other 3rd party components) open sourced online. I am on a huge cardboard bend this year, and anticipate that we’ll be seeing its use in an increasing number of STEAM toys.

Elenco EDU-62221 Jr. Scientist Strandbeest Model Kit

If you haven’t seen the cool work that artist Theo Jansen (out of The Exploratorium) does, check out these mini-Strandbeests (and maybe even buy one for your kids!); essentially smaller versions of contraptions he builds and runs on wind.


This is a great book that maker and artist Helen Leigh (just interviewed for the podcast) recently released.All projects included in the book provide a low barrier to entry into making from both a difficulty and cost standpoint.

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