I talk with Hayne Bayless, potter, board member of Studio Potter literary journal, and board member of Pots on Wheels (POW!) about his work, his methodology, and the art of “I don’t know.”

Hayne’s work has been awarded the top prizes at some of the country’s most important craft shows: the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, D.C. and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

Other than lessons from a potter in Tokyo and a handful of classes and workshops, he has managed to avoid any formal instruction in ceramics. He abandoned wheel-throwing early on, preferring the freedom of handbuilding afforded by slabwork and extrusions.

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Galleries that carry Hayne’s work:

Photos of Hayne’s Studio (all credits Kathryn O’Neill)

In this podcast session I talk with Jackie Moore, Chicago Knights FIRST Robotics team founder and coach, makerspace organizer, Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire organizer, educator, and many, many other things. Jackie and I sit down to talk about the philosophy behind making — and making with other people — and what that means about how we can learn from each other. That, and much more, on session 7 of This Should Work.

I speak with Sarah Margalus, reading specialist, educator, and maker. Sarah talks about how to integrate maker-centered learning principles with 21st Century Learning Standards: a practical way for teachers with not a whole lot of time to integrate maker learning into the classroom.

Disclaimer: Sarah is my wife. Also, an interesting person in the maker movement and educator.

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In this session, I speak with Rachel Hellenga, President of Conducty (www.conducty.com), museum exhibit builder, and expert maker. Rachel talks about the challenges of designing environments (particularly education ones), the magic of makerspace communities, and the development of her company, Conducty.

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Pictures of Rachel’s Conducty Creations:

Rudy Ristich, Vice President of Workshop 88 and the technical mind behind the Thotcon hacker conference badges joins the podcast to talk about scaling your own custom hardware projects up, his background in electrical engineering, and how that informs his making process.

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This Should Work Podcast Session 1 – An interview with Andrew Camardella, President of Pumping Station: One and an industrial designer. In this session, we talk about the design process, building a business and finding clients for your design and making work, and facilitating the creative work of others.

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